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Academic Editing Service

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Services offered by Academic Editing Service

Professional, academic editing, and proofreading service is offered by Stephanie L. Brooke, PhD, NCC online. I am a published author and editor who works across all disciplines and fields. In addition, I serve as a Scientific Merit Reviewer for Capella University. In this position, I examine the merit of qualitative and quantitative research design plans. I evaluate the research questions and ascertain if the design the person selected can best answer those research questions. Additionally, I scrutinize research methods and provide suggestions on describing the population and sampling methods. This position also requires knowledge of research analysis and use of APA style 6th edition. 


I am committed to providing a quality editing service and I have extensive experience in the following key academic document areas:

  • Thesis Proposals/Thesis Editing
  • Dissertations
  • Research design (qualitative/quantitative)
  • Essay Editing
  • Journal Articles
  • Conference Papers
  • Research Papers
  • Reports
  • Grant Proposals

How I Can Help You

As a professional, I can quickly figure out where you are stuck and help you construct a detailed plan of action for completing your dissertation or thesis.  I tailor all my approaches to meet the needs of the individual.

With my guidance, you will avoid making mistakes right now that may cause you additional problems later on in the dissertation or thesis process (e.g. provide suggestions for collecting data in a way that will help you avoid problems with data & statistical analyses). I have a great deal of experience as a Scientific Merit Reviewer. 

I will provide you with instruction, materials, and assistance for overcoming the obstacles that are getting in the way of completing your dissertation or thesis.


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