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I have engaged in journal writing since 1987, having now written 80 journals over time. I have always had a passion for writing and have found it very therapeutic. When conducting art therapy, in groups or individual sessions, I often combine journaling with art creation. I have found that this can be inspiring as well as a wonderful method for promoting growth and healing.


In the early 1990s, while I was still in my masters program, I began writing letters to the editor for the Monitor Magazine. I got three of those letters published. This fueled my desire to start publishing professionally in my field. I knew that this would also aid my acceptance into a dissertation program.


From letters to the editor, I started writing critical test reviews and was able to get those published. In looking at different tests and measurements, I was able to decipher reliability and validity evidence to examine the strengths and weaknesses of said assessments. I took a critical view of their sampling methods and how well these methods could generalize to the larger population. I looked at how well researched the instruments were and if they were standardized. These skills would aid me greatly in the publication of my first book, Tools of the trade: A therapists guide to art therapy assessments. This text was ground breaking in the field as it was the first of its kind to examine the reliability and validity of art therapy assessments. Through this work, I became internationally known in the field of the creative therapies. Since that time, I have gone on to write and edit several collections of texts on the creative therapies covering such topics as sexual abuse, autism, domestic violence, chemical dependency, depression, and more. I have also published the Creative Therapies Manual, which covers history, theory, assessment, and research across the disciplines of art, play, dance/movement, music, and drama therapies. 

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